Skyline House - History

In November 1979, the first of some 556 families moved into Skyline House, some of whom had been impatiently watching it being constructed on South George Mason Drive. It was a different concept of living in the area since its two buildings were not facing each other like the other condos but were end to end thus allowing all residents an unobstructed view. And instead of the twenty-five stories of the other Skyline condos, Skyline House has only seventeen stories of home units, thereby

reducing the demands on its facilities and providing a more friendly atmosphere while maintaining the advantages inherent in condo living.

Many of our owners remember that not too long before, this unique area of Fairfax County, VA. underwent its redevelopment, it was the site of a small craft airport because of its relatively high grounds. Consequently, we have spectacular views of Washington, DC. and the surrounding area.