Skyline House - Covenants Committee


Introduction: The Covenants Committee has the responsibility to maintain the regulations established by the Board of Directors (BoD) for the day-to-day operation of Skyline House, and to monitor compliance by unit owners and renters. The committee will also recommend to the BoD updates to rules and regulations. To accomplish this role the Committee will:

  1. Be the expert on Skyline House rules, regulations and other condominium documents.

  2. Review and when necessary recommend revisions to the Board in the By-Laws, House Rules, associated penalties and administrative practices.

  3. Recommend to the BoD a procedure for the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

  4. Recommend to the BoD hearing procedures and conduct hearings to levy assessments, and/or institute sanctions, when deemed necessary.

  5. Enforce procedures for the nomination of candidates for the BoD, by appointing an Ad Hoc Subcommittee of the Covenants Committee to conduct any election or vote by unit owners and both tabulate such votes and certify the outcome.

  6. Engage in a close liaison and cooperative partnership with other Skyline House committees, as well as the Management Office, to attain the highest level of effectiveness in carrying out the functions of the Covenants Committee.

Membership: Shall comport with the BoD Resolution approved on May 26, 2010 entitled Committee Membership and Voting Status.

July 2012

For a PDF of this charter click here.

For a PDF of the resolution click here.

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