Skyline House - Physical Plant and Operations


Introduction: The Physical Plant and Operations Committee is charged with the review and recommendations related to the operation and maintenance of the buildings, equipment and grounds of Skyline House. To this end, engage in a close liaison and cooperative partnership with other Skyline House committees, as well as the Management Office, to review these areas and recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors (BoD) . The Committee’s responsibilities encompass the following:

  1. Review and make recommendations to the BoD on the operation and maintenance of the physical plant, including proposed changes to the buildings, equipment and grounds.

  2. Annually review reserve budget item replacement schedule action items for the current and coming year. Working with Management, assess the needs to replace on schedule or amend the replacement schedule and make change recommendations to the budget in cooperation with the Financial Management Committee (FMC).

  3. Provide input to the BoD and to the FMC on aspects of the budget, reserve schedules and contractual obligations that affect the areas of responsibility in item 1 above.

  4. Working with Management, assess the quality and effectiveness of operations and maintenance. Review and recommend appropriate schedules that provide effective and cost efficient preventative maintenance that affects the buildings, equipment and grounds.

  5. Recommend to the BoD guidelines and policies on the appearance, modification and/or operations of the buildings, equipment and grounds.

  6. Develop an energy management plan, including utility usage and energy conservation measures, in cooperation with FMC and Management. Report to the BoD and to the unit owners on steps taken to improve economy and conservation of utilities expenditures.

  7. Review the contracting process, including, but not limited to, consultants, service providers, suppliers and repairers. Recommend actions that will improve the process.

  8. Evaluate contract performance based on bid specifications and recommend changes as needed.

  9. Recommend and evaluate suggested changes in the design and appearance of structural aspects of common elements, including supplemental guidelines and policies governing their appearance and modification.

  10. Review, and recommend action to the BoD on unit owner requests for changes in appearance or structure of limited common elements or common elements, pursuant to the provisions of Article XI, Section 1 of the By-Laws of the Association.

  11. Assist the Management and the FMC in establishing parameters and costs of large-scale acquisitions, replacement or improvements of systems central to the operations of Skyline House, for adoption by the BoD.

  12. In cooperation with FMC and Management review and recommend to the Board, changes to the Procurement Policy and Procedure.

Membership: Shall comport with the BoD Resolution approved on May 26, 2010 entitled Committee Membership and Voting Status.

July 2012

For a PDF of this charter click here.

For a PDF of the resolution click here.

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