Skyline House - Committees

The following description of the Skyline House committees is designed to demonstrate the interface between the Board and the unit owners. The committees act as "agents" for the Board in conducting research, presenting data, and handling a variety of technical functions that cannot
be handled by the Board alone. The committees also act as a "sounding board" for unit owners who have questions, comments, or problems they want addressed or solved.

Committees Committee Chairs Phone
Covenants Bert Barrois 703-931-2395
Financial Management June Baker 703-824-3619
Physical Plant and Operation Bryant Stukes 703-824-9293
Security Safety & Neighborhood Watch TBD
Activities Janice Hill
Furnishings & Design Tremayne Bunaugh
Community Involvement

Community Relations

The Community Relations Committee (CRC) is charged with establishing and maintaining relationships with the community-at-large and to advise the Board of Directors (Board) on issues of potential interest to the Association. The CRC will assist the Board in keeping current with external affairs that might have an impact on the Association, real estate value and its members.


The Covenants Committee has the responsibility to maintain the regulations established by the Board of Directors (BoD) for the day-to-day operation of Skyline House, and to monitor compliance by unit owners and renters. The committee will also recommend to the BoD updates to rules and regulations.


The Financial Management Committee (FMC) of Skyline House is charged with the review and oversight of all financial activities of the unit owners’ association. As such, it works with and provides advice to the Treasurer and Management, in cooperation with other committees. It operates under guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors (BoD) and makes recommendations, as warranted, to the BoD directly or through the Treasurer.

Garden Club

The Garden Club reports directly to the Board. The Garden Club:

  1. Plans for and implements the planting of flowers and shrubs as an augmentation to the regular commercial gardening activities paid for by SHUOA.

  2. Maintains and purchases gardening supplies and tools.

  3. Assists Management in carrying out its functions as purchaser of professional gardening services.

  4. Aids in the development of overall plans for the upkeep and beautification of SHUOA grounds.

  5. Assists Management in maintaining healthy soil quality including the prevention of soil erosion.

  6. Works with Maintenance to insure proper watering of all plants and shrubs.

Physical Plant

The Physical Plant and Operations Committee is charged with the review and recommendations related to the operation and maintenance of the buildings, equipment and grounds of Skyline House. To this end, engage in a close liaison and cooperative partnership with other Skyline House committees, as well as the Management Office, to review these areas and recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors (BoD).


  1. Conduct periodic informal parties for the purpose of bringing residents together.

  2. Take responsibility for gatherings for a specific purpose, such as holiday feasts, honoring volunteers, recognizing a special event or theme dinners, etc.

  3. Sponsor a variety of outside activities for the entertainment and amusement of residents (i.e., theater parties, sightseeing trips, excursions, etc.)

  4. Assist committees of the Association, when requested, in conducting get-togethers to stimulate participation in those committees and activities of Skyline House.

  5. Plan for, or assist in, any activity which will enhance the volunteer involvement of residents.

  6. Establish and maintain a working relationship with other committees, the Board of Directors (BoD), and Management.

Security, Safety & Neighborhood Watch

The Security, Safety & Neighborhood Watch Committee of Skyline House is charged with the review and advocacy of all vital measures protecting both persons and property against accidents, larceny/theft, robbery, trespassing/intrusion, break-ins, vandalism, and any other willful malicious acts, or natural and man-made disasters.

Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors are available to all residents who are in need of temporary help because of illness or disability.

Call the Good Neighbor of the month if you need pick up of prescriptions or groceries. We can also arrange transportation of residents to the hospital or doctor visits if necessary.


As amended this day, May 26h, 2010


Article VI, Section 4 of the Bylaws of the Skyline House Unit Owners’ Association states:

“The President shall have all of the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of President of a corporation, including, but not limited to, the power to appoint committees from among the membership from time to time as the President may, in his or her discretion, decide is appropriate to assist in the conduct of the affairs of the Association.”

And, Counsel advises, “…the Board can adopt "terms of reference" in creating a committee that can provide restrictions on a committee's mandate, and on its operating procedures.”

(A) It is hereby resolved with regard to all “standing” committees (those currently being, as of approval of this Resolution, Covenants, Financial Management, Physical Plant and Operations and Security, Safety and Neighborhood Watch) and the members thereof, now and appointed
hereafter, of the Skyline House Unit Owners’ Association and its Board of Directors,

(1) Since Article VI, Section 4 of the Bylaws authorizes the President to appoint committees "from among the membership", it is therefore required that an individual’s name be a title owner to his/her property/unit in order to qualify to serve on a committee.

(2) That if qualified in accordance with (1) above, then the individual must attend two (2) consecutive meetings of a specific committee and, upon attendance at the third (3rd) consecutive meeting, can join in that instant meeting and, can continue to serve thereafter, as a member in good standing of that committee subject to (4) below.

(3) That there is no limit on the number of committees on which one can serve.

(4) That it is the responsibility of every committee member to maintain one’s active standing as a current member of their committee. Prior to any planned absence from a scheduled meeting, he/she must inform the Chairperson of said absence and, in the case of any unplanned absence from a scheduled meeting, he/she must contact the Chairperson in a timely manner after said absence in order to qualify for “excused” absences.
A committee member will, after two consecutive absences without any timely contact with the Chairperson regarding these absences, forfeit their status as a member of the committee as well as all associated rights.

(5) That the committee Chairperson will state in the minutes at the beginning of each meeting who is added to and who is subtracted from the Committee membership as of the beginning of that meeting.

(6) That it is a committee Chairperson’s responsibility to keep both the Board and Management up-to-date on the status of their committee’s membership. Compliance with (5) above shall serve to fulfill this obligation.

(7) That committee members who forfeit their status in accordance with (4) above, can only re-establish themselves as committee members in good standing after re-qualifying in accordance with (2) above.


(B) With regard to establishment of new standing committees or ad hoc committees for specific purposes of limited duration, or re-establishment of inactive or dormant standing committees, the President shall appoint their Chairperson(s) and members. The initial qualifying attendance requirement stated in (A) (2) above is waived for initial members.


(C) With regard to serving on any one or more of the Association’s committees while also serving as a member of the Skyline House Unit Owners’ Association’s Board of Directors, it is hereby resolved:

(1) That if service on a committee is to be as the designated Board Liaison (as appointed by the Board) to that committee, the Board member’s status shall be in an advisory capacity only and not as a voting member.
(2) That if service as a committee member in good standing is sought by an elected Board member, then all requirements specified in (A) (1) and (2) above shall first be met. Subsequent service will then be as a non-voting member of the committee.
(3) That any committee member in good-standing who is subsequently elected to serve on the Association’s Board of Directors shall retain membership, but in a non-voting status, on their committee.

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