Skyline House - Recreation Committee


  1. Conduct periodic informal parties for the purpose of bringing residents together.

  2. Take responsibility for gatherings for a specific purpose, such as holiday feasts, honoring volunteers, recognizing a special event or theme dinners, etc.

  3. Sponsor a variety of outside activities for the entertainment and amusement of residents (i.e., theater parties, sightseeing trips, excursions, etc.)

  4. Assist committees of the Association, when requested, in conducting get-togethers to stimulate participation in those committees and activities of Skyline House.

  5. Plan for, or assist in, any activity which will enhance the volunteer involvement of residents.

  6. Establish and maintain a working relationship with other committees, the Board of Directors (BoD), and Management.

Membership: Shall comport with the BoD Resolution approved on May 26, 2010 entitled Committee Membership and Voting Status.

July 2012

For a PDF of this charter click here.

For a PDF of the resolution click here.

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